I'm Francesco Camarlinghi, a freelance 3D Artist.

On this website you can see a selection of my works, mainly pertaining modeling and texturing targeted towards environment art and level design.

My Skills

  • Strong knowledge of 3D modeling techniques.
  • Ability to design textures from scratch or based on photo references.
  • Strong understanding of light, architecture and scene composition.
  • Self motivated, able to work in team or solo and meet deadlines.

Tools of choice

  • Modeling: 3D Studio Max, ZBrush.
  • Game engines: Unreal Engine 2 / 3.
  • Rendering: Mental Ray.
  • Texturing: Adobe Photoshop.
  • Programming: C#, UnrealScript, basic ActionScript experience.
  • Other: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere.

Latest Works


WAR-ARaja][ Header

WAR-Araja][ is an award-winner Warfare map for Unreal Tournament 3.