My name's Francesco Camarlinghi and I'm a generalist Unreal Engine developer with 8 years of experience focusing on multiplayer games and simulations. I'm currently a senior developer at Lumeto working on InvolveXR, an immersive XR learning solution developed in UE4.

While I'm a programmer by trade, I'm passionate about different areas of game development and have a soft spot for UX and user-facing features. I believe in being welcoming and emphatic and I try to bring this philosophy to every aspect of my work.

A few years ago I co-founded Ludicrous Games, a two-headed indie game development studio. In 2020 we released our first title, a multiplayer arena brawler called Guntastic.

In my spare time I like to build tools and plugins that make creating games easier, some of which are open-source on Github. In a previous life I've worked as a full stack web developer.

Below you can find a selection of my professional and personal work.

Professional work

Personal work