Involve XR

InvolveXR is a cloud-based, multiplayer VR simulation targeted at nurses and medical professionals built using Unreal Engine 4.

The platform aims to revolutionize healthcare simulation and is completely customizable to meet the user’s need and includes:

  • Realistic and diverse patients with AI-enabled responses.
  • Flexible modes of training — asynchronous and synchronous, single and multi-learner, on-premises and remote.
  • Competency tracking with robust debriefing and assessment tools.
  • Adaptive Learning Experiences including on-the-fly customization.
A screenshot of the Trainer app, a Windows application that the trainer can use to control the simulation
Trainers can control the simulation in real-time using the Trainer app for Windows

As a senior developer on the team I’ve been involved in planning and development of a wide range of features on the desktop, VR and dedicated server apps, including:

  • Multiplayer gameplay systems including a real-time, AI-driven conversation system powered by NVIDIA Riva, ChatGPT and Azure AI Speech.
  • UI/UX in collaboration with designers.
  • Integration with third parties tools and cloud services.
  • Implementation of custom editor tools and automated tests.
AI-powered conversation sometimes yields funny results.

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