WAR-Araja][ is an award-winning Warfare map for Unreal Tournament 3 suited for 20–24 players. It is a remake of my ONS-Araja map for UT2004 and features a custom music track by my good friend Simone “MrFerroni” Ferroni.

With this map I wanted to create something different from the stock UT3 content while trying to stay true to the gameplay and atmosphere of the original Unreal game as much as possible. The map took 4/5 months of free-time work and won the third prize in the vCTF & WAR Map category of the Make Something Unreal Contest. The map also scored 88/100 at UTUnlimited.

WAR-Araja][ 1
WAR-Araja][ 2
WAR-Araja][ 3
WAR-Araja][ 4
WAR-Araja][ 5
WAR-Araja][ 6
WAR-Araja][ 7
WAR-Araja][ 8

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