Photoshop Plugins With UXP: Scripting

An introduction to how to write scripts for Photoshop using UXP, Adobe's new extensibility platform for Creative Clouds apps.

How to Deal Damage to World Actors With GAS

Quick post explaining how to setup an Ability System Component on world actors such as walls, trees, etc. so they can be dealt damage via gameplay effects.

Migrating My Website to Astro

During the past couple of weekends I took a break from The Bug Squad and migrated my website to Astro.


The Bug Squad: Dash Ability

This week I started implementing a basic dash ability that can be used to quickly escape from dangerous situations.

The Bug Squad: Basic Camera And Input Setup

This weekend I've implemented a basic camera and input system for The Bug Squad. For input I've explored the new Enhanced Input plugin available in UE5.

The Bug Squad

I decided to start working on a new game to play around with UE5, a co-op twin stick shooter titled The Bug Squad.


UDK Wind Vertex Shader

A step by step tutorial about how to implement a believable wind animation shader in UDK based on the approach used in Crysis.