The Bug Squad

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Today I decided to start working on a new game with UE5. The idea is to play around with features like GAS, Niagara, Control Rig, Lumen, EOS, etc. as well as explore Lyra — the example project Epic released alongside the engine — looking for new patterns and best practices.

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on a game on my own, and I’m eager to get a chance to work on multiple areas including modeling, level design, AI programming, etc. I’ll also try to put my plugins to good use, validating their usage in a real UE5 project and — who knows? — maybe I’ll get ideas for making new ones. 😃


UDK Wind Vertex Shader

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Note: this is an old tutorial migrated from a previous version of the website.

Implementing a believable wind animation for vegetation and foliage is no easy task. In this tutorial we’re first going to take a look at how Crytek approached the problem in Crysis, and we’ll then re-implement their solution in a highly customizable material inside UDK.