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This scene is one of my attempts at non-realtime rendering and was realized entirely in 3D Studio Max taking inspiration from a photo took in a Cistercian Abbey in southern France. The scene is about 7.000.000 polygons and was rendered in Mental Ray. Rendering took 27 minutes @ 1080p on an Intel Core i7 920 @ 3.5Ghz, 6GB ram (Global Illumination, Final Gather, Rendering).

Adding the vegetation proved to be a bit of a challenge as it required an extensive use of proxies to be able to keep rendering time and memory consumption low. All the plants were modeled in 3D Studio Max, imported in the scene as proxies and scattered on the ground using the Advanced Painter script.

The image was rendered in multiple passes and assembled again in Adobe Photoshop which I also used to do all the post processing work.

Cloister Final Rendering
Cloister Final Rendering [full resolution].
Cloister Final Clay Rendering
Cloister Final Clay Rendering [full resolution].
Cloister Volume Pass
Cloister Volume Pass [full resolution].

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