Version 2.2 (27 January 2024)
  • Fixed Clang compile error when using the ALobbyistState::GetNumPlayers(), ALobbyistState::GetPlayers(), ALobbyistState::GetPlayerByUniqueId() functions in C++.
  • Improved logging when joining the game to include additional information.
Version 2.1 (22 May 2023)
  • UE 5.2+ support.
  • Updated plugin to support new engine C++ header include order introduced with UE 5.2.
Version 2.0 (12 April 2022)
  • UE 5.0 support.
  • Removed legacy UE4-specific code.
  • Updated example projects for UE5.
  • Please note: new features will be developed for UE5 in the 2.x branch. Bug fixes will continue to be provided for UE4 in the 1.x branch.
Version 1.5 (12 March 2022)
  • Added a new OnLobbyJoined event that is fired on the client when all local players have been logged-in into the lobby and the lobby state has been received. The event simplifies the initial lobby setup — when it fires, the lobby is ready to be used on the client.
  • Updated C++ and Blueprint example projects to use the new event and simplified the Blueprint example project code. Both example projects now require at least UE 4.25.
  • Minor improvements to documentation.
Version 1.4 (2 July 2021)
  • Added support for UE 4.27 and extended backward compatibility down to UE 4.22.
  • The Blueprint example project is now available on Github.
  • Fixed ALobbyistState::PlayerRemoved being called with an invalid (pending kill) player reference on remote non-owning clients.
  • Fixed GetNetMode incorrectly returning NM_Standalone in ALobbyistClient and ALobbyistState on remote clients.
  • Fixed a couple of cases where clients failed to be notified that login had failed on the host.
  • Cleaned-up ALobbyistHost::ProcessLogin and added a new C++ ALobbyistHost::LoginComplete event that’s called at the end of the login process.

Example projects have been updated to include a minor change required to make them work with Lobbyist 1.4. If you used an example project as the base for your own game the following changes are required to make it compatible with Lobbyist 1.4:

Blueprint changes required to make the example project compatible with Lobbyist 1.4
// Private/Menu/ExLobbyPlayer.cpp
void AExLobbyPlayer::BeginPlay()
    // Kickstart ping calculation on remote clients
    if (IsNetMode(ENetMode::NM_Client) && IsLocalPlayer())
Version 1.3 (17 May 2021)
  • New C++ example project.
  • Added an overridable OnDisconnected event as a direct counterpart to OnConnected to ALobbyistClient.
  • Fixed reason why a player failed to login not being returned to the client.
  • Fixed utility C++ templated getters not working, plus added a few new ones.
Version 1.2 (13 May 2021)
  • Improved connection code to handle cases where connection port is invalid when using the Null subsystem.
  • Example Project. Fixed character skin not being applied correctly when testing using “Play Standalone” option in the editor.
Version 1.1 (8 May 2021)
  • Fixed FLobbyistLoginResult not being API-exported.
  • Improved in-code documentation.
  • Minor docs and API improvements.
Version 1.0 (24 March 2021)
First public release.