The best way to find out what’s going on and troubleshoot issues is to turn on logging in DefaultEngine.ini. Useful log categories to turn on are LogLobbyist for Lobbyist specific debugging and LogBeacon for general beacon troubleshooting.


Log categories can also be changed at runtime using the development console, accessed using the tilde ~ character by default:

UE console
Log LogLobbyst VeryVerbose
Log LogBeacon VeryVerbose

The output log can be shown inside the editor by selecting Window ➜ Developer Tools ➜ Output Log or by using the showlog command in standalone games. You can find more information about logging in the UE Community Wiki.

A screenshot of the UE editor, with the Output Log entry selected in the Developer Tools menu


1. Lobby host and/or client aren’t spawned correctly

This is most probably due to a configuration issue. Please double check that the required NetDriver configuration was added to DefaultEngine.ini. Common error messages you can see in the log in this case include:

LogNet: CreateNamedNetDriver failed to create driver from definition BeaconNetDriver
LogLobbyist: Error: Failed to initialize lobby host.
LogLobbyist: Error: Failed to initialize lobby client.

2. Why doesn’t Lobbyist implement put feature here?

The plugin is purposely kept as barebone as possible so that it can be used for a wide range of projects. Implementation of advanced features (i.e. chat systems, player kick, character selection, etc.) is demonstrated in the example projects — feel free to copy-paste as needed!

3. Is voice chat supported?

Yes, voice chat is supported. Lobbyist provides the low level connection voice channel implementation needed to replicate voice packets and relies on the OSS for actual voice processing and for features, such as muting, that are platform-dependent. To turn on voice chat add the following to DefaultEngine.ini:


For initial testing it can also be useful to disable the PushToTalk feature (i.e. to make sure voice works). By default Lobbyist uses the same bRequiresPushToTalk setting of the actual game, which can be changed in DefaultGame.ini:


If needed, you can completely override this behavior by overriding ALobbyistHost::RequiresPushToTalk in either C++ or Blueprint.


If you experience issues with the plugin or have questions please feel free to get in touch! The best support channel is the Discord server.

Alternatively, you can reach out to me on Twitter or by e-mail. Please allow at least a business day for me to get back to you.