Switcheroo is a lightweight plugin for Unreal Engine that makes it easy to detect whether the player is using a gamepad or the keyboard/mouse combo, and react accordingly.


  • State-of-the-art input detection. The plugin automatically filters out edge cases and false positives (such as input coming from a loose analog stick, or from involuntary mouse movements) and is highly customizable.
  • Plug and Play. The plugin doesn’t require any special setup (like custom GameInstance or PlayerController classes): enabling the plugin is all it takes to be up-and-running.
  • Easy to use. Switcheroo provides a simple API that can be used from both Blueprint and C++.
  • Lightweight. The plugin logic is implemented in native C++ code and runs at the Slate application level with no impact on performance.
  • Supported and tested. The plugin has already been used in several released games and will continue to receive all the needed lifetime updates.
  • Source code & example project. Switcheroo comes with full, heavily commented source code and a thorough example project.

Switcheroo can be purchased on the Unreal Engine Marketplace. Feel free to join the Discord server if you have any questions.

Try out the demo!